The Duchossois Family Institute

In May 2017, the Duchossois family announced a gift to the University of Chicago Medicine of $100 million – including $50 million from The Duchossois Family Foundation and $50 million from Janet and Craig Duchossois. This transformational gift will allow UChicago Medicine to explore how the human immune system, bacteria in the body, and genetics interact, and how those relationships can be harnessed to promote wellness, reduce disease, and keep people healthy.

In October 2017, UChicago Medicine celebrated the opening of the Duchossois Family Institute.

The relationship between The Duchossois Family Foundation and UChicago Medicine spans almost 40 years, inspired by the care that matriarch Beverly Thrall Duchossois received when she was treated for cancer in the late 1970s. Throughout the decades the Foundation and UChicago Medicine have enjoyed and cultivated an ever-evolving philanthropic relationship through continued dialogue, education, research, and self-reflection.

Tradition Begets Transformation and Innovation

In 2014, upon the passing of family member R. Bruce Duchossois, also to cancer, the Foundation was bequeathed a gift that generously increased its endowment, positioning the board to continue its strategic philanthropy with greater capacity. This allowed the board to take greater risk and be bold about what this next transformational gift would look like. After a multigenerational strategic planning process, the board, under new leadership, came to the conclusion that the first step was to honor the family’s tradition of giving to cancer research by reimagining what it means to address health and wellness in the 21st century. UChicago Medicine’s ability to deliver, combined with the Foundation’s trusted, historical relationship, made UChicago Medicine a natural institutional partner for the Foundation to achieve these goals.

The Duchossois Family Foundation & UChicago Medicine:
Four Decades of Support

Shifting the paradigm from treatment of disease to the promotion of health, the Foundation hopes to harness the body’s natural abilities to prevent disease by leveraging UChicago Medicine’s well-established network of scientific relationships from disparate disciplines to collaborate, discover, and disseminate solutions. By doing so, we strive to honor our family members and all loved ones who have suffered from illness, and dare to dream that this innovative approach will bring discoveries that will, literally, be life changing.